Frequent Asked Questions

Where is my license?

You should get an email fom if you can't find it,
check your spam folder or if you use OTHER EMAIL different than your paypal email when buying the product,
check that other email account please!

Can I add my own images?

Yes, you can add your own SVG, PNG or JPG images.

Does it work on MAC?

Yes, it does work on MAC, we tested on an old MAC BOOK with now problems, so if you are using the latest MAC update you will be ok.

Does it work on Windows?

Yes, it does, we tested it on Vista, Windows 7 and 8, we can't guarantee it will work on an old Windows XP PC.

Can I install it on more than 1 computer?

No, your license only allows you to use it on 1 computer.

Are the videos exported as High Definition (HD)?

Yes, The videos created are exported at 1280x720.

Can I use the videos I create and the voices generated by the software commercially?

Yes! there are no restriction with the content you create, the voices and the videos you create with the software are excempt of any licenses or fees. Feel free to use them.

Do I own the right to the videos created with TTS Sketch Maker?

Yes, you own 100% of the right of the videos created with the software BUT if you use your OWN images or music you need to be sure you own the right of those images or music.

What Languages/Voices are Included in the software? (25 Voices):

American English (Male x 2 & Female x 2)
British English (Male x 1 & Female x 3)
Spanish (European) (Male x 1 & Female x 1)
Spanish (American) (Female x 1)
Portuguese (Female)
Dutch (Female)
Czech (Female)
Danish (Female)
Finnish (Female)
French (Female)
German (Female)
Hungarian (Female)
Italian (Female)
Norwegian (Female)
Polish (Female)
Russian (Female)
Slovak (Female)
Swedish (Female)